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October 12, 2016 @ 7:00 pm
The George Hotel
Station St
Swaffham PE37

Our Festival Photography Evening features Tony Bramley, Royal Photographic Society Fellow of the Year 2016.  Tony has developed what he calls ‘Transitional Photography’, taking the ethos of Russian avant garde painter Kazimir Malevich’s  Suprematist work and developing a pure version within photography.

Tony Bramley’s abstract ‘Suprematist’ photographs are about as far removed as possible from the wedding, photojournalism and commercial photography that is the staple business of his company, Storm Photography Ltd of Marks Tey, near Colchester.

As Tony describes his photographic approach to the Suprematist ethos:

“A single scene is selected, photographed, and reduced to its geometry through rejection & separation, producing a photographic abstraction that has independence of form. Everything else is insignificant and of no artistic value”.

The abstracted elements – geometry, colour (including white), lines, and space, – form the basis of a ‘new’ composition that provides it’s own energy and dynamics. New states of harmony, order, tension and volume are achieved, enhancing the original photograph’s raw dynamics. These new elements can provide lightness, weight, flow, rise, fall, float, cluster, and advance and recede. A concept of ‘static motion’ prevails. . . . Reality has now gone, only an ‘essence’ of the original image remains.”



‘Suprematism’ was a highly geometric style of early 20th-century non-objective abstract painting developed by Russian avant-garde artist Kazimir Malevich (1879-1935), which ignored the familiar appearance of objects. To Malevich Suprematism was “the rediscovery of pure art which, in the course of time, has become obscured by the accumulation of “things”.

Kazimir Malevich work

Kazimir Malevich